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Current GCIA Projects

Construction Projects Managed

by the Gloucester County Improvement Authority


Rowan College of Business (RCOB)

The RCOB project consist of a new, four story building, 97,000 square foot, L-shaped academic facility consisting of steel framing with concrete floor decks, glass curtain wall and masonry building enclosure elements. The building is located on the campus of Rowan College Rt. 322 Glassboro NJ. The facility will include lecture halls, classrooms, seminar rooms, distance learning facilities, computer labs, study areas, a financial trading room. Breakout rooms, student business hatchery spaces, a student lounge and other spaces will be designed to support project-based learning and collaboration. In addition, there will be dedicated MBA classrooms and collaborative spaces. The building will house a Center for Students Professional Development and a Center for International Business. In addition, the facility will feature spaces dedicated for outreach to the business community, including a South Jersey Business Center with executive training classrooms.

Rowan College of Engineering Addition Project (RCOE)

This Project consists of the construction of an addition to the existing Rowan Hall Engineering building. It will be an approximately 90,500 square foot building and will include wet and dry laboratory spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, faculty and staff offices, research lab spaces, and spaces specially geared toward supporting Science Technology Engineering & Math, (STEM) related academic programs. This facility expansion project will represent the development of a new Engineering campus within the Glassboro campus. This project will also include the renovation of an existing roadway in front of the building and will include the paving of a gravel lot across the street from the existing Rowan Hall building. The design at present rises to 3 stories in height. No basement is anticipated, and underground parking will not be considered due to concerns over potential extraordinary cost, wetlands and a relatively high water table in the area. A need for realignment of the roadway in front of the building is being considered to allow for a greater building footprint.

Port of Paulsboro Marine Terminal

Access Road and Bridge

The construction of an access roadway from Paradise Road to Industrial Drive approximately 3,755 feet in length and is 40 feet in width (two 12 ft. lanes and two 8 ft. shoulders), the construction of two storm water management ponds, overhead highway lighting and conduit lines for traffic signals, aerial and underground utilities. The construction is a bridge over Mantua Creek. The bridge is a three span steel plate girder bridge supported by reinforced concrete piers with pile foundations and pile supported abutments. Bridge is prepared and ready for Port opening.

Import Fill and Select Utilities

The importation, placement and grading of earth fill.  The installation of select electrical, sanitary and storm drainage utilities. Also the demolition of miscellaneous existing structures, roadway restoration and parking lot pavement reconstruction. Remaining work, The removal of Atlantic City Electric Companies overhead electrical equipment, Cuts and Fills (earth) focusing on the proposed Rail Corridor Alignment, Storm Sewer Pipe Installation in specified area’s .

Modified Wharf Phase I

Constructing a pile supported concrete wharf that is located offshore of the Delaware River Bank. The Wharf infrastructure is approximately 850 feet long and 125 feet wide. The project also includes construction of a pile supported concrete access apron and pile supported concrete rail trestle. The wharf includes fenders, bollards, ladders and other miscellaneous equipment for the berthing of ocean going vessels.

Woodland Habitat Mitigation

Reforestation of two plots of land that total 12.7 acres, this project mitigates the unavoidable loss of woodland habitat at the Paulsboro Marine Terminal. In total upwards of 250 large and small caliper trees and 260 understory trees and shrubs will be planted. This initiative is a condition of the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection and the US Army Corps of Engineers. At this time Phase 1 & 2 has been completed.

Civil Works

Installing Potable water service from the Paulsboro water tower through Paulsboro to the terminal and the main fire loop through the terminal including fire hydrants. The installation of a sound wall, terminal fencing, a paved main terminal access road, a wharf storm water treatment system, the terminal sanitary pump station, an electrical substation and high mast lights as well as a guard station for the terminal entrance. Final design is expected to be complete for bidding in the 1st quarter of 2016.

Stage 1 Rail

All Rail Track in the terminal and associated elements including the grade crossing, a compressed air station, camera bridge, underground utilities, RTG runways and access to Mantua Creek for Fire trucks. An average of 12” of gravel will be placed across the site. Additional demolition will also be done.