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Logan Township Municipal Program

Recycling Coordinator: Michael Riley (CRP)

Address: P.O. Box 314, Bridgeport, NJ 08014
Telephone: 856-467-0859


Municipal Website:

Materials Required To Be Recycled

Material NameYesNo
Glass BottlesX
Aluminum CansX
Plastic Bottles (#1 & 2)X
Plastic Containers (#4, 5, & 7)X
Steel CansX
Other Paper (junk mail, etc.)X
Grass ClippingsX
Scrap MetalX
Appliances (washers, etc)X
Recyclables are Collected:
Single Stream:X

Recycling Collection Schedule:
Yard waste on Monday – March – December
Recycle Collection: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
Metal, 2nd & 4th Friday. Call to put name on the list.
Do not put recyclables in plastic bags
Place items at curb, not in the street
Trash collection: Same as Single Stream/paper collection

Municipal Oil Recycling Site?      Yes X
Location: 125 Main Street, Bridgeport, NJ
(856) 467-0859
By Appointment Only

Municipal Compost Facility?       No X

Municipal E-Waste Program?      Yes X
E-Waste: Pick up only, 2nd Wednesday of the month only

Must call for pick up (856) 467-0859

Other Services Offered:
Tire pick-up the month of March only
Must call for pick-up – Computers and related equipment (monitors, printers, fax machines & copiers)
Must call for pick-up – Dirt, sand, mulch, concrete, brick, cinder/concrete block, pavers, etc.
Must call for pick-up – Sliding glass doors