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Woodbury Municipal Program

Recycling Coordinator: Richard Leidy (CRP)

Address: 651 S Evergreen Ave., Woodbury, NJ 08096

 Telephone: 856-853-0892


Municipal Website:

Materials Required To Be Recycled

Material NameYesNo
Glass BottlesX
Aluminum CansX
Plastic Bottles (#1 & 2)X
Plastic Containers (#4, 5, & 7)X
Steel CansX
Other Paper (junk mail, etc.)X
Grass ClippingsX
Scrap MetalX
Appliances (washers, etc)X
Recyclables are Collected:
Single Stream:X

Recycling & Trash Collection Schedule:
Recycling Collection: Weekly on regular trash day
Trash Collection: Weekly – Monday – Friday depending on zone

Municipal Oil Recycling Site?      No X

Municipal Compost Facility?       No X

Municipal E-Waste Program?      Yes X
Location: curbside pickup on regular trash day. call for pick up
Contact name: Rich Leidy
Contact number: 856-853-0892

Other Services Offered:
Food and Beverage “Boxed” Cartons, including, milk, soy and almond milk, juice, soup and broth, wine, water in regular recycling bin.

Concrete, Bricks, and Cinder Blocks, need to call the office.
Fridays: Leaves, brush, grass, scrap metal & appliances

Furniture can be placed curbside on regular trash day