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We wanted to take a moment to welcome you and your family to the Shady Lane Child Development Center.

There is little doubt that the first years of a child’s life are the most important. We feel there is a clear benefit of providing educational facilities that will positively influence the learning environments of children at an early age, for decade to come. Beyond that, both of us are parents. We know that it is impossible to go to work and do a good job if you are concerned for your child’s well being. Moreover, as parents we look for options that will provide our children with the highest quality services. It is from this understanding that we created our early childhood development center and will continue to strive for its excellence in ensuring every child can thrive in a safe, healthy and high-quality learning environment

Educating our children is among the highest priorities of Gloucester County and that should be the case for our state and our nation. We believe that safe, cost efficient and state of the art facilities are necessary in order for children to learn and flourish. The children in our facility will be tomorrow’s leaders. The investments we make in our educational infrastructure, as well as our most valued resources, our kids, will strengthen communities, our economy and the quality of life for our families for years to come.

We thank you for choosing our facility and welcome your feedback.



      Charles Fentress                                           

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