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Clean Communities Programs


Fraternities, Sororities, Scouts, School & Churches

GCIA / Gloucester County Clean Communities Program

This program is designed to help your organization to earn money through cleaning up designated areas. Only young adults and adults can participate in the Adopt-a-Road sites and clean the County Highways. Our program also allows grades K-8 to participate in an Adopt-a-Spot, which gives our children a chance to gain “ownership” on their school grounds. To adopt any area you must make a commitment of two years. The county will provide the necessary safety equipment to clean the chosen areas.

This mini-grant will expire on December 31st of each year, or when the funds are exhausted. There are some stipulations that you must meet and agree with:

  1. Provide at least 10 people for a clean up. (1 adult for every 5 students)
  2. Choose an area or we can appoint an area to your group.
  3. Sign the attached form to release the photos taken by the GCIA / Clean Communities Program for promotional use in the newspapers and or newsletters.

All non-profit organizations are eligible upon submitting your application. You must supply our office with your non-profit organization number and proof of insurance.

This mini-grant from the GCIA / Clean Communities Program works on a first come basis. To assure your organization of receiving this grant, you must act today.

Clean Communities Application

Thank you.

For more details please contact our office at (856-478-6045, ext. 5504)

Sponsored By:
Gloucester County Improvement Authority
Charles Fentress, Chairman

In affiliation with the Board of Commissioners
Frank J. DiMarco, Director