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Economic Development

The Gloucester County Improvement Authority (GCIA) has been a part of the community since 1963. The GCIA was created in accordance with the provisions of State law and the authorization of the Board of Chosen Freeholders. The Authority has the power to acquire, construction and equip any “public facility” (as defined in state law), and finance the costs of such facilities through issuing bonds, notes or other financial obligations.

Today, the GCIA in partnership with the Gloucester County Board of Chosen freeholders remains dedicated to providing new and growing economic development tools and opportunities to the residents and businesses of Gloucester County. Under its authority, the GCIA has developed financing programs such as: lease-purchase, permanent-bonding and bond anticipation notes (BAN) refinancing which are available to municipalities, school districts, local authorities, profit and non-profit entities. GCIA works directly with public and private industry in assisting them through the financing process.

The GCIA is focused on attracting appropriate business and industry to the area to promote job retention and creation. These efforts result in additional tax revenues as well as increased local services available to county residents. By working toward this ambitious goal while ensuring that open space is eminently preserved, the GCIA will enhance the quality of life in Gloucester County and permanently established the county as a vital and influential region in the State of New Jersey.

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* Broad Eligibility of Projects
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