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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a Nursing Home Cost?

A: The average cost for a year is $145,000 to $153,000 in New Jersey (Private Pay).

Q: How much money can a resident have before they are approved for Medicaid?

A: A resident must have $2,199 or less before Medicaid will approve, however, the application process should be started immediately.

Q: How much money does a resident receive each month for Personal Needs?

A: Every Medicaid resident receives $50.00 a month from their Social Security Check. Private residents are responsible to make arrangements with the Business Office for deposits into their personal needs account. All personal needs money is maintained in the Business Office and is accessible to the residents at any time.

Q: How much does Medicaid pay?

A: All Medicaid residents are responsible only to pay their Social Security Check amount and any Pensions the resident may have, and Medicaid will pay the difference of the balance.

Q: What happens if a resident goes to the hospital?

A: If the resident is a Medicaid resident, Medicaid residents are to have a 10 day bed hold but the facility receives no money from Medicaid for the bed hold, If the resident is a private or Medicare Part A resident, they have the option to hold the bed privately at the private daily rate.

Q: What happens after the 10 days of bed hold ends?

A: The resident has the option to then hold the bed privately at the private daily rate.




Question:Answer: How many beds do you have?  60 Beds total; 50 semi-private and 10 private
Question:Answer: What is the cost?  The daily rate for a semi-private room is $400.00 and $425.00 for a private room.


Question:Answer: Does Medicare cover long-term care?  No.  Long-term care is not covered by Medicare  benefits.  Payment methods for  long-term care include private pay, Medicaid, and certain long-term care  insurance policies.


Question:Answer: Is there a long-term care waitlist?  Yes.  Individuals must submit a completed application to be considered for the waitlist.  A physician must complete and sign the physical form attached to the application.  Individuals who are currently in a medical or nursing facility should request a referral packet from that facility and submit it in place of the physical form.


Question:Answer: Where/how can I get an application?  Applications are available at the Front Desk.  Upon request, they can be mailed, emailed, or faxed. They are also available on our website.


Question:Answer: Does Shady Lane Home have a Website? Yes.  We are listed on the Gloucester County Improvement Authority’s website:


Question:Answer: Do you offer tours? Yes.  Tours must be scheduled.
Question:Answer: Do you have a Dementia unit; memory unit, assisted living; or a locked   unit?  No.  Shady Lane Home utilizes a Wander Guard system as needed.
Question:Answer: Do you have your own physicians: Yes.



Question:Answer: How often are patients seen by a physician?  Long-term care patients are seen by the physician a minimum of one time per month.  Short-term rehabilitation patients are seen a minimum of one time per week.   Additional doctor’s visits occur as medically necessary.


Question:Answer: What are the facility’s operating and visiting hours?  We are a 24/7 facility.  Visiting hours are 8:00a to 8:00p.
Question:Answer: What is the patient-to-staff ratio?

  •   7a-3p Shift: 2 RN’s for 60 residents, 1 LPN   for 20 residents; 1 C.N.A. for 8 residents
  •   3p-11p shift: 1 RN for 60 residents; 1 LPN for   20 residents; 1 C.N.A. for 10 residents
  •   11p-7a Shift: 1 RN on call; 1 LPN for 20   residents; 1 C.N.A. for 14 residents


Question:Answer: What is your current CMS (Center for Medicare/caid Services) rating? Currently, Shady   Lane Home has a 5 out of 5 STARS rating.    For additional information, see
Question:Answer: Do you provide activities? Yes.  Shady Lane Home has a Recreation  Department.  A variety of activities  are planned and implemented daily for our residents.


Question:Answer: Who does the laundry? The family   chooses whether they would prefer to do the laundry or have Shady Lane Home do it.


Question:Answer: Does Shady Lane Home provide televisions and phones:

  •   Telephones are not provided by Shady Lane Home.
  •   Televisions are provided for short-term rehab admissions only.


Question:Answer: Does Shady Lane Home offer short-term-rehabilitation?

  •   Yes.  We offer physical therapy,   occupational therapy and speech therapy as needed.
  •   Medicare covers short-term rehabilitation (days 1-20 at 100% and days   21-100 at 80%).  Secondary insurances  may cover the remaining co-pay.
  •   Rehabilitation Therapists are contracted through Tender Touch.
  •   Therapy is available up to 7/days a week as per insurance guidelines.


Short-term or sub-acute rehabilitation, please have the hospital Social Worker contact:   Jessi Visalli (Administrator) ext. 5490 and Sherry Faulkner (DON), ext. 5556.