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Project Financing

Money — Money — Money

No matter how great or vision may be or how well a plan well thought out, it usually cannot be implemented without money.

Many know the GCIA as the best organization for meeting the extensive financing needs for municipalities, fire districts, and school districts. Our Public Pooled Bond Program will be offered annually. These groups will have the opportunity to evaluate their needs for equipment, buildings, infrastructure, computers, etc. and pool those needs into one low interest rate bond.

Other exciting programs issued through the GCIA are the Non-Profit Finance Program, Affordable Housing Finance Program, Faith Based Outreach Finance Program, and our Redevelopment Zone Finance Program for for-profit businesses. Our most popular program has been one where we issue Permanent Bond Financing for large capital needs. Just some of the benefits of these programs include shared issuance cost, low interest rates, elimination of the 5% cash down payment and an experienced financing team working hard for the best deal.