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Advisory Board


Dan Angelucci

                            Rae L. Steveson                          

                          Christina Simmler                      

                                Linda Benesh                              

                           Daniella Rodgers                         

 Wayne Klotz 

     Peggy Williams    

                     Cathy Tortella                       

The Advisory Committee for Shady Lane Home is a panel of Gloucester County residents, appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, and are interested in the care of the residents of Shady Lane Home. The purpose of the committee will be to advise the Board of County Commissioners and the Administrator of Shady Lane Home on programs and services needed to provide quality care. They will receive reports from the Administrator regarding programs and business in order to be informed and to act upon the same.

Regular meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month, except July, August, November, and December. The summer meetings will be cancelled, and the November and December meetings will be held as to not interfere with Thanksgiving and Christmas. The meetings will be held at 5:00pm. Please contact Shady Lane Home (856) 224-6979 with comments or questions.